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Impresario: The Ultimate Cymbal Vault

by Modern Case Company Inc


MRP Custom Drums

Modern Case Company, applying its unique Ambassador-style construction, designed and developed the ultimate in cymbal vaults. The Impresario, a sturdy case for maximum protection, has a travel handle and rolls to take the work and strain out of transporting heavy cymbals. Its sleek design only adds attractiveness of protecting your cymbals while traveling.

"Musicians cannot afford to arrive at their gigs with stressed arms, hands and finger muscles from toting their instruments. The Impresario was created and designed with the drummer in mind." and "It is our reaction to listening to what customers say about needing to arrive at a gig fresh and knowing their cymbals are protected and ready for play. Modern Case is combining the benefits of our unique lightweight Ambassador construction for easy movement with cymbals rolling on casters." said John Kappler, President.

Ambassador cases are 100% USA made with attractive water-resistant fabrics covering ABS plastic and reinforced foam for providing high-impact protection. The interior is finished with soft carpeting is guaranteed to resist abrasion and be completely free of sulfates and other chemicals that contribute to tarnishing instruments. This case comes with two zipper pulls for easy opening and closing, a locking travel handle, the highest quality casters and a coated center wing nut to lock the cymbals in place. Color choices in addition to black are navy, khaki, burgundy, charcoal gray and hunter green.

Modern Case Company, Inc., USA manufacturer located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, has been providing American-made cases to the musical industry since 1989. Modern Case’s complete product line includes soft-sided cases providing great protection for most musical instruments. In addition to its complete line of gig bags, Modern Case makes amp covers and covers for a wide variety of electronic and musical instruments. Modern Case’s "Ultralite" design and "Ambassador Series" are widely known for their attractiveness, strength and quality throughout the industry. Air Transportation Approved (ATA) flight cases for a variety of uses are marketed under its Hercules Series. DJ, Karaoke, speaker and amplifier cases are also produced for the music industry. Modern Case has a complete facility for customized silk-screening and full-color embroidery and embroidery-design digitizing systems for enhancing the appearance of your cases according to the customer’s design and specifications.

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