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Modern Drummer 2002 Readers Poll Results


Hall Of Fame

2002: Steve Smith


Vinnie Colaiuta

2. Carter Beauford

3. Steve Smith

4. Dennis Chambers

5. Dave Weckl


Vinnie Colaiuta

2. Kenny Aronoff

3. Russ Miller

4. Steve Gadd

5. Dave Weckl

Mainstream Jazz

Peter Erskine

2. Jeff Hamilton

3. Elvin Jones

4. Jack DeJohnette

5. Bill Stewart

Contemporary Jazz

Dave Weckl

2. Dennis Chambers

3. Steve Smith / Will Kennedy

4. Peter Erskine

Big Band

Ed Shaughnessy

2. Phil Collins

3. Louie Bellson

4. Greg Field

5. Bernie Dresel

Up & Coming

Jose Pasillas

2. Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

3. Billy Ashbaugh (1N Sync)

4. Travis Barker (Blink 182)

5. John Dolmayan (System Of A Down)


Carter Beauford

2. Billy Ashbaugh

3. Manu Katché

4. Travis Barker

5. Kenny Aronoff / Larry Mullen Jr.


Danny Carey

2. Scott Phillips

3. Jimmy Chamberlin

4. Travis Barker

5. Lars Ulrich


Mike Portnoy

2. Virgil Donati

3. Danny Carey

4. Rod Morgenstein

5. Nick D'Virgilio



2. Ahmir Thompson (?uestlove)

3. John Blackwell

4. Dennis Chambers

5. David Garibaldi


Paul Leim

2. Eddie Bayers

3. J.D. Blair

4. Jack Gavin

5. Trey Gray


Alex Acuna

2. Luis Conte

3. Giovanni Hidalgo

4. Richie "Gajate" Garcia

5. Trilok Gurtu


Mike Portnoy

2. Terry Bozzio

3. Dom Famularo

4. Akira Jimbo

5. Virgil Donati / Zoro

Educational Book

Russ Miller: Transitions

2. Rod Morgenstein: Drum Set Warmups

3. Marco Minnemann: Extreme Independence

4. Carmine Appice: Ultimate Realistic Rock/Geoff Nicholls: A Thunder Of Drums

Educational Video / DVD

Mike Portnoy: Liquid Drum Theater DVD

2. Various Artists: Classic Drum Solos And Drum Battles DVD

3. Dave Weckl: A Natural Evolution, Vol. 3: Getting Your Own Sound

4. Buddy Rich: The Lost West Side Story Tapes DVD

5. Terry Bozzio/Chad Wackerman: Solos & Duets

Recorded Performance

Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater): Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

2. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater): Live Scenes From New York

3. Danny Carey (Tool): Lateralus

4. Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band): The Lillywhite Sessions

5. Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic): Bridge Across Forever

In order to present the results of our Readers Poll, the votes were tabulated and the top five names in each category listed here. In the event of a tie, all names in that position were presented and appropriate subsequent positions were eliminated.

Editors' Achievement Award

This award is given by the editors of Modern Drummer in recognition of outstanding contribution to the drum / percussion community by a performer, author, educator, manufacturer, etc. The persons so honored may be notable figures in drumming history or active participants on today's scene. The criteria for this award is the value of the contribution(s) made by the honorees, in terms of influence on subsequent musical styles, educational methods, or products. There will be no limit as to the number of honorees that may be designated each year.

For 2002, MD's editors are pleased to honor:

Armand Zildjian
Avedis Zildjian Cymbal Company chairman and cymbal-production pioneer

Sonny Igoe
Big band drummer, author, and legendary East Coast drum teacher

Steve Ettleson
Artist-relations specialist; contributor to the personal success of dozens of artists and the business success of several manufacturers

Burt Korall
40-year veteran drum journalist and author of several major drum-related books, record producer, radio host

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