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Introducing... A "Must Have" for All musicians, singers, songwriters, conductors, studios, DJs, music educators.


It's a Meter Monitor and Programmable Metronome!

Just tap on its' case and it follows you.

Use it anywhere!

The newest and most significant time keeping invention since the Beat Bug in 1986!

First conceived in 1986, it operates on a revolutionary patented method of monitoring and regulating your own tempo. Just as you regulate your car speed by referencing its speedometer, the REF displays your speed from 10 to 254 beats per minute (bpm). When you begin seeing larger numbers than when you started a song, you're rushing. Conversely, smaller numbers mean you're dragging. It's simple and very user friendly... easy to get next to! And... just in case you need a kick-off tempo, there are 66 programmable preset tempos available at the touch of a button. It's sort of like using Cruise Control!

Not just for drummers anymore, the REF combines all the features of both Beat Bugs plus all these...

REF Features:

Small - 11/2" x 3" x 7/8".

Lightweight - Less than 2 ounces.

Rugged Monolithic Design.

Completely Self-Contained. Everything's inside. No wires!

Portable. Use it in hand, on a music stand, or on a drum.

66 Programmable 1 minute Kickoff Tempos. Store your entire song list.

Half-Period Digit Blink Rate renders the Up and the Down.

High Intensity LED Digital Display.

2 Button Operation. Simple!

Range: 10 to 254 bpm in single step increments.

Sensitivity Control for tuning out ghost/grace notes.

Input Jack for remote monitoring.

Headphone Jack.

Audible Beep is selectable.

Auto Sleep Mode. Turns itself off.

Up to 1 year+ Battery Life.

You get: 1 REF, External Trigger, Batteries, Velcro, Instructions.

Extra Velcro Strips Included for changing drum heads.

External Triggers, Adapters, Batteries Available.

90 Day Warranty.

The REF stands head and shoulders above anything on the market in features, flexibility, convenience, accuracy, confidence.

Don't pay three times as much for another unit without all these features, and with all those wires & hardware. Get the original!!

10 day trial period...if you're not happy, send it back.

90 day warranty against factory defects.

"The REF's programmable presets are like using cruise control."

Note: The REF is designed to monitor and render 1 minute kickoff tempos. If you're looking for something to play along with, you should purchase a metronome.

TempoREF (retail) REF $100.

for more info... http://www.luglock.com/temporef.htm

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