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LP RhythMix NEW Instruments, Activities and more ...


The LP RhythMix E-newsletter is a free, quarterly comprehensive source of information to introduce children to the exciting world of percussion!

What Is LP RhythMix?

The LP RhythMix musical toy line is just one of many innovations from the world leader of percussion for nearly four decades, Latin Percussion, Inc.


What's New This Update

LP RhythMix Tom-Tom

With a history as romantic as that of the Native American tom tom, of legendary pow-wows and stories of days gone by, what child could resist the LP RhythMix Tom-Tom?


LP RhythMix Conga

This kid-sized, 12" tall Conga with a 7" diameter durable synthetic head, will appeal to the child musician with its authentic sound, brightly colored, whimsical patterns and comfortable, adjustable carry strap, while its quality craftsmanship and educational value will appeal to adult sensibilities.


LP RhythMix Mini Bongos

The LP RhythMix Mini Bongos are the classic style, two-headed drums that are typically played between the player's knees. Children can either play these sturdy, lightweight drums sitting, or can hold and march with them.


LP RhythMix Framedrum

The LP RhythMix Frame Drum is irresistible to children for its fun colors, great sound, and kid-friendly size.


LP RhythMix Rhythm Stix

The most durable Rhythm sticks on the market, the LP RhythMix Plastic Rhythm Stix mean big fun and learning for budding musicians. And what's more, they're dishwasher safe!


LP RhythMix 6-pc Rhythm Kit On NAGC Holiday Buying Guide

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has honored Latin Percussion, Inc. by including the LP RhythMix Rhythm Kit in its prestigious Holiday Educational Toy List for 2002.


LP RhythMix Instruments Win Oppenheim Award 2002

LP RhythMix is proud to announce that its Animal Shakers, 6 Piece Rhythm Kit, and Egghead Family, have won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award for 2002. The special Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal signifies that they are all safe, well made, and educational. It also indicates that they passed the ultimate Oppenheim test: they're fun!


2 New Intermediate Activities

Long-and-Short - To teach children to differentiate between long and short notes, begin with a simple demonstration. A triangle with an easy-to-hold handle is perhaps the most practical instrument to illustrate this concept.

Fast-and-Slow - This is a slightly more advanced exercise. Select any one of the rhythmic phrases from the Rhythm-Talk exercise and beat, tap, clap, or shake it for your child.


The Mommy & Me Activity Books Online In PDF Format

Two new activity books packed with activities and tips on teaching percussion to kids. Log on and print to your home printer!


Our First Activity Contest Winner

Our first-ever Classroom/Group Activity winner is Ron Hope of the Short Stop Youth Center in Columbus, Ohio. "The kids and I sit in a circle, and then we shake and play our instruments and scream as loud as we can to awaken our drum spirits. We then play a game called "Spreading Rumors". I play a short rhythmic piece and ask my neighbor to repeat what I played for them to their neighbor. After the beat goes all around the circle, we see how the beat has changed from the original that I played."



All of us at Latin Percussion, Inc. hope that by encouraging the exchange of ideas that we can share the gift of music and improve the lives of children everywhere. Have you created an original musical activity that your children love that you would like to share with other parents? Are you a teacher with a classroom-tested and kid-approved musical activity that you'd like to share? If so, please enter our Share and Win Contests to win free LP RhythMix products!



Are you having trouble deciding which of the fun and fabulous LP RhythMix products you want to purchase? Give them all a listen on our Sounds section, including the new LP RhythMix Tom-Tom, Conga, Mini Bongos, Frame Drum & Rhythm Stix .We guarantee that your kids will love this section of the site!


LP RhythMix Retail Store Locator

For your convenience, we feature a Buy section on our website. We've updated the store locator to include toy, gift, and online stores.



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