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Latin Percussion New Products and Online How-to Video


New Products:

Popular LP Requinto Now Available in Fiberglass

Wood Rim Tambora Provides Authentic Pulse of Merengue

World Beat Pleneras by LP

World Beat Tunable Frame Drums Perfect For All Musical Styles

LP One Shot Shakers for Precision Performance

New Online How-To Video:

Daniel Reyes Gives the Online Lesson for the New LP One Shot Shakers

Popular LP Requinto Now Available In Fiberglass

Something special happens to a conga when you reduce the head size to 9-3/4" and give it a properly contoured belly. What you get is a requinto, a distinctive higher voice in the conga family. It's Giovanni's personal favorite-sized drum!


Wood Rim Tambora Provides Authentic Pulse Of Merengue

The new LP Wood Rim Tambora combines the best of both worlds. It retains the tone and shell of traditional tamboras, yet with the help of modern technology it features a specially select, kiln-dried, wood covered rim, set over a steel hoop for enhanced durability.


World Beat Pleneras By LP

In creating World Beat Pleneras, LP drew inspiration from the plena, a popular music form of Puerto Rico. The drums are available in three sizes and are constructed from sturdy lightweight wood construction, tunable calf heads (tuning wrench included), and steel rims, top and bottom.


World Beat Frame Drums - Perfect For All Musical Styles

The new World Beat Tunable Frame Drums come as a set of three in popular sizes 8", 10", and 12". Each drum is constructed of a lightweight but strong wooden frame with a generous thumbhole. Weather resistant plastic heads are standard and fully tunable.


Daniel De Los Reyes Gives Online Lesson For The New LP One Shot Shakers

Concise and informative, Daniel Reyes' QuickTime lesson is a easy and fun way to learn how-to play this new and innovative shaker.


For additional interesting information from the world of LP percussionists, Please check out: http://www.congahead.com This is LP founder, Martin Cohen's personal website. It is full of his favorite pics, stories, sound and video files.

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