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KoSA International Percussion Festival and Workshops


The seventh edition of the KoSA International Percussion Festival and Workshops was held this past August at Castleton State College, in Castleton, Vermont. This year's faculty included some of the world's top artists- Ndugu Chancler (Michael Jackson), Glen Velez (Paul Winter Consort), Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck), Jim Chapin (Author), Johnny Rabb (Tanya Tucker), Walfredo Reyes Sr. (Israel Lopez "Cachao"), Luc Boivin (Gino Vannelli), Dom Famularo (International Clinician), Gregg Bissonette (Santana), Aldo Mazza (Répercussion), Dave Samuels (Caribbean Jazz Project), Marco Lienhard (Ondekoza), Samir Chatterjee (Tabla-Ravi Coltrane), Gordon Gottlieb, (Steely Dan), Memo Acevedo (Tito Puente), Lou Robinson (Didgeridou Soloist), Rick Van Horn, (Modern Drummer), Andre Dupuis (Cuba), Sandip Burman (Béla Fleck), Frank Bellucci (NY freelancer), Neil Garthly (Academy of Drums), Répercussion (Aldo Mazza, Chantal Simard, Robert Lépine, and Luc Langlois), Mario DeCuitiis (Radio City, NYC), D'Arcy Philip Gray (McGill University), Jeff Salisbury (Johnson State College), Allan Molnar (Educator/MIDI Specialist), and Morris "Arnie" Lang, (New York Philharmonic).

By day, KoSA was a hands-on intensive percussion camp which covered a diverse range of styles of drumming from traditional drumset playing to Japanese Taiko, West African drumming, and Indian Tabla to name just a few. Participants had the opportunity to play with the rhythm section in residence, perform in student concerts, and basically just "hang" with their idols.

KoSA by night, was transformed into a week-long festival open to the public where every evening audiences were treated to concerts. On Saturday night, the event culminated with a grand finale faculty concert. All KoSA festival concerts were recorded live for KoSA's fourth CD release to be entitled: "Expand Your World!".

Thanks to the invaluable support from the following great companies - Evans, ProMark, Ludwig/Musser, Audix, Zildjian, Toca, Vic Firth, Gibralter, LP, Sonor, Sibelius, Mapex, Johhny Rabb Drumsticks, Remo, Tama, Mike Balter Mallets, Warner Brothers, Modern Drummer, HQ, Drummers' Collective, McGill University, Berklee College, Pearl, DW, Shure, Cooperman, Mountain Rythym, Moperc, Premier, Yamaha, Paiste, Regal Tip, and Sabian, plans are already underway for KoSA 2003.

For more information regarding next year's festival and workshops or to purchase KoSA CDs, please contact:

KoSA Communications c/o Aldo Mazza -Artistic Director

e mail: info@kosamusic.com

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