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The Mystery Unfolds
by Mark Mondesir


Mark certainly is one of the most astonishing drummers on this planet with a mind boggling concept of time, creativity and speed that is bordering the superhuman. He has played and recorded with many including Courtney Pine, Julian Joseph, Bryan Ferry, David Grant, Jeff Beck, John Scofield and Pee-wee Ellis.

In this video, Mark reveals that he is in fact self-taught and learned to play on his pillows - or any other surfaces on hand! So, although he is self-taught he has a very clear concept of his meticulous technique and can explain, slow down and demonstrate the type of playing and concept of time that has baffled drummers for years. However, he also reveals that he plays everything he knows with just 7 rudiments - certainly a comfort for young players daunted by the prospect of learning endless stickings etc.

So, be prepared to evaluate the way you play and practice - this video can change the way you play forever!

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