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Mike Portnoy Anthology Book Vol. 1


120 pages

Over 90 minutes of music transcribed note for note

Performance notes by Mike

Detailed transcription notes for each song

Several, original handwritten charts used by Mike in the studio

Diagrams of Mike’s various drum kits used on the recordings

Photos throughout Mike's career

Featured are highly accurate note-for-note transcriptions of nine drum performances hand-picked by Mike for this book. Volume One includes some classic music by Dream Theater, spanning from their 1992 release Images And Words through their 1999 masterpiece, Scenes From A Memory. Transcribed, are some of Mike’s most memorable drum performances from songs such as "Metropolis Part 1", "6:00", and "Hell’s Kitchen". Also included here in its entirety is the 17-minute masterpiece "When The Water Breaks" from Liquid Tension Experiment 2. And finally, there is the 31-minute epic "All Of The Above" from Transatlantic’s amazing SMPT:E album, every note of it.

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