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Double Trouble by Pete Riley
Rhythm And Fills by Mike Dolbear


Double Trouble
by Pete Riley

Book and CD

A definite guide to the double pedal concepts used by todays top players. Pete has worked and recorded with a variety of artists including Republica, Phil Hilborne and Mornington Locket. He has performed clinics for Premier drums and has written numerous articles for UK drum magazine Rhythm. As well as teaching privately he is also on the faculty at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford. Book includes: linear phrasing, ostinatos, unison fills, dynamics and time playing. CD features exercise examples.

Rhythm And Fills
by Mike Dolbear

For the beginner or advanced player who wants to enhance their knowledge and the programmer who needs an encyclopedia of patterns. Mike studied with some of the greatest teachers such as jazz drummer Kenny Claire, and Bob Armstrong. He was working professionally at the age of 14 and has spent over 20 years playing in a variety of musical situations from live theatre and television to studio sessions in various styles with top artists from around the world. In 1991 Mike set up a successful teaching studio in North London where many of his students have gone on to become accomplished professional musicians. This book is the result of his teaching experience over the years.

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