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Tama Adds Rock Chrome To Rockstar Drum Line Finishes

Tama's affordable Rockstar drum line is adding Tama's Rock Chrome finish, a covering previously only available on their more expensive drums. "Nothing says rock and roll drums quite like Tama's Rock Chrome finish," said Tama's Ace Okamoto. "As a matter of fact Silveria of Korn recently had his own pro kit custom finished in Rock Chrome. The fact that drummers can now get this finish on a set that includes the Star-Cast mounting system and Roadpro hardware really underlines what an incredible set Rockstar is when compared to anything else in its price range."

Tama's Rockstar RD522EDFRCH 5pc Fusion Kit (all toms racked) includes the Star-Cast mounting system, a Tama Iron Cobra Jr. pedal and Tama's new Roadpro stands. The set has a list price of $1249.99.

The set includes:
1 - RDT10D (9x 10" Tom Tom)
1 - RDT12D (10x 12" Tom Tom)
1 - RDT14D (12x 14" Tom Tom)
1 - RDB22E (18x 22" Bass Drum)
1 – RD155 (5-1/2x 14" Snare Drum)
1 – MTH900 (Double Tom Holder)
1 – MTH900AS (Single Tom Adapter)
1 – MC61 (FastClamp)
1 – HS70W (Snare Stand)
1 – HH75W (Hi-hat Stand)
1 – HP200 (Iron Cobra Jr. Pedal)
1 – HC72W (Straight Cymbal Stand)
1 – HC73BW (Boom Cymbal Stand)
1 - Out Of The Box and Onto The Stage Set-Up and Instruction Video featuring Kenny Aronoff, Mike Portnoy and John Tempesta

Rockstar drums feature 8-ply/9mm Philippine Mahogany shells. 10 different covered finishes are available: VTB Vintage Blue, VTR Vintage Red, VTS Vintage Silver, MNB Midnight Blue, DFG Deep Forest Green, SGW Sugar White, BK Black, NPL Night Purple, MCH Misty Chrome, and the new RCH Rock Chrome finish.

For more info:

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