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GMS 15th Anniversary Snare Drums

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GMS's limited edition 15th Anniversary Snare Drums feature a hand-hammered copper shell.


The GMS Drum Co. is proud to introduce a new line of limited-edition snare drums to commemorate 15 years of drum making excellence. The 15th Anniversary Snare Drum shells are made of highly polished, 1/16"-thick hand-hammered copper with solid reinforcement rings. This construction, along with GMS's Grand Master Series lug design, give these drums a unique, exquisitely live and sensitive voice, with miles of headroom and plenty of bite.

The drums are available in 5x14 and 6 x14 sizes for drumset, and a 6 x14 model specially designed for orchestral use. All models are fitted with die-cast hoops, a special 15th Anniversary badge and Puresound snares, and each drum will be hand-signed and dated by company founders Rob Mazzella and Tony Gallino. GMS will take orders on these drums only during 2002.

"Fifteen years is a significant milestone for any business," says GMS President Rob Mazzella. "We wanted to create a very special drum that reflects our uncompromising dedication to quality over those years, as well as our ongoing commitment to the drumming community into the years ahead."

For more information, contact GMS Drum Co., 855-C Conklin Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Telephone: (631) 293-4235. Fax: (631) 293-4246. Email: gmsdrum@aol.com

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