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2002 Drummies!
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Drum Categories

Drummer of the Year: Travis Barker
Runners Up: Carter Beauford, Danny Carey, Joey Jordison

Jazz Drummer: Dave Weckl
Runners Up: Elvin Jones, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jack DeJohnette

Fusion Drummer: Dave Weckl
Runners Up: Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Dennis Chambers

Funk Drummer: Chad Smith
Runners Up: Dennis Chambers, John Blackwell, Stanton Moore

Mainstream Rock: Carter Beauford
Runners Up: Jose Pasillas, Scott Phillips, Jeremy Taggart

Alternative Drummer: Travis Barker
Runners Up: Chad Sexton, Carter Beauford, Adrian Young

Punk Drummer: Travis Barker
Runners Up: Tre Cool, Adrian Young, Brooks Wackerman

Metal Drummer: Joey Jordison
Runners Up: Lars Ulrich, Danny Carey, John Dolmayan

Swing Drummer: Bernie Dresel
Runners Up: Chris Phillips, Kurt Sodergren, Daniel Glass

Country Drummer: Eddie Bayers
Runners Up: Trey Grey, J.D. Blair, Mike Palmer

R&B/Blues Drummer: Matt Abts
Runners Up: Gerald Heyward, John Blackwell, Chris Layton

Hip-Hop Drummer: Amir Khalib Thompson
Runners Up: John Otto, Eric Bobo, Jojo Mayer

Studio Drummer: Vinnie Colaiuta
Runners Up: Kenny Aronoff, Josh Freese, Matt Abts

Electronic Drummer: Bobby Hewitt
Runners Up: Akira Jimbo, Tony Verderosa, Omar Hakim

Drum Clinician: Terry Bozzio
Runners Up: Dom Famularo, Dave Weckl, Mike Portnoy

Percussion Categories

Percussionist of the Year: Layne Redmond
Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Airto Moriera, Sheila E

Latin Percussionist: Giovanni Hidalgo
Runners Up: Sheila E., Raul Rekow, Richie Flores

Jazz Percussionist: Cyro Baptista
Runners Up: Airto Moriera, Giovanni Hidalgo, Vicki Randle

Rock Percussionist: Raul Rekow
Runners Up: Domingo "Sunny" Ortiz, Jamey Haddad, Marc Quiñones

Fusion Percussionist: Airto Moriera
Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Tommy Brunjes, Alex Acuña

Studio Percussionist: Luis Conte
Runners Up: Glen Velez, Giovanni Hidalgo, Karl Perazzo

Worldbeat Percussionist: Mamady Keita
Runners Up: Steve Reid, Giovanni Hidalgo, Zakir Hussain

Percussion Ensemble: Hands On’semble
Runners Up: Blue Man Group, Maelstrom, D’Drum

Drum Corp: Santa Clara Vanguard
Runners Up: Cavaliers, Blue Devils, Cadets

Drum Circle Facilitator: Arthur Hull
Runners Up: Jim Greiner, Kalani, Barry Bernstein

Percussion Clinician: Glen Velez
Runners Up: Kalani, Alessandra Belloni, Brad Dutz

Industry Awards

Drum Set: Tama Starclassic Exotix Kit
Runners Up: Orange County Drums & Percussion, Yamaha Hipgig, Pearl Masterworks

Cymbals: Zildjian A Customs
Runners Up: Sabian HHX Evolution, Paiste Innovations, Istanbul Alchemy

Accessories: Pro-Mark Rattler
Runners Up: Slicknut Cymbal Nut, Quikstix stick holder, Diggit stick weights

Drumhead: Remo Mondo
Runners Up: Evans G2, Remo Powerstroke 4, Earthtone

Drumsticks: Vater Percussion - Stewart Copeland Standard model
Runners Up: Vic Firth - Tony Royster Jr. model, Zildjian - Travis Barker artist series, Pro-Mark - Ian Paice autograph model

Electronic Percussion: Roland V-Session Kit
Runners Up: Yamaha DTXtreme kit, Roland V-Club kit, Roland Handsonic pad

Hardware: Pearl Eliminator Pedals
Runners Up: DW 9000 Series Pedals, Mapex Janus Pedal, Gibraltar Rack Factory

Percussion: LP Tribal Series Congas
Runners Up: Fat Congas Cajone, Toca Elite Congas, Cooperman Jingled Drums

Snare Drum: Pearl Ultracast Snares
Runners Up: DW Craviotto Snares, Tama Lars Ulrich Snare, Ayotte Keplinger Snare

Drum Media

Drumming Video: Liquid Dream Theater by Mike Portnoy
Runners Up: Under the Table and Drumming by Carter Beauford, The Next Step by Dave Weckl, Common Ground by Tony Royster Jr. and Dennis Chambers

Percussion Video: RhythmicWisdom by Layne Redmond
Runners Up: African Beats by Kalani, A Quick Guide to Playing Doumbek by Todd Roach, Conga Virtuoso by Giovanni Hidalgo

Drumming Album: The Zone by Dave Weckl
Runners Up: Show ’Em Where You Live by Vital Information, Lateralus by Tool, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by Blink 182

Percussion Album: Trance Union by Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes
Runners Up: Tarantata by Alessandra Belloni, Rhythms for a New Millennium by Alex Acuna, Hamana Foli Kan by Famoudou Konate

Drum Book: John Bonham: A Thunder of Drums by Chris Welch and Geoff Nicholls
Runners Up: Afro-Caribbean Drum Grooves by Chuck Silverman, Extreme Interdependence by Marco Minneman and Rick Gratton, Realistic Rock by Carmine Appice

Percussion Book: Conga Cookbook by Poncho Sanchez
Runners Up: Have Fun Playing Hand Drums by Ben James, A Life for the Djembe by Mamady Keita, Fundamentals of Tabla by David R. Courtney

Drum/Percussion Advertisement: Ayotte "Dashboard" Ad
Runners Up: Gretsch "Love May Be Blind" Ad, Tama Joey Jordison/Iron Cobra Ad, Pearl Powershifter Series

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