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California Percussion Rental


Trey Wyatt and David Herbert, members of the San Francisco Symphony, have purchased the complete percussion instrument collection from Pro Piano. Along with an already extensive collection of personal instruments, a new percussion rental company entitled California Percussion Rental has been created in partnership between David and Trey. Our goal is to become the highest quality and largest percussion rental business on the West Coast. Located in San Francisco California, California Percussion Rental will cater to a tremendous variety of performing ensembles and professional venues.

Our customers will no doubt demand the very best instruments from us, and we in turn as professional percussionists, will be able to personally maintain all instruments to their greatest sonic and visual capabilities. Our dedication to and love of great percussion instruments will hopefully guarantee many years of success and loyalty. Part of making our venture as successful as possible will hopefully involve you. Thank you in advance for your support. We are looking forward to getting going!

David Herbert, Trey Wyatt
California Percussion Rental, 415-759-0898

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