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Herbert Timpani Mallet Promotions


Dear Colleagues

We are currently offering two promotions for Herbert Timpani Mallets. As you know, CPT offers a full array of Herbert Timpani Mallets to help achieve every possible nuance and sound color from your performances. Our most popular set of mallets that we offer... The Standard Set Of Seven is now being offered with a 15% discount. The mallets included in this set are: MWL (Medium Wood core with Leather covering), 1WA (small Wood core with inverted American felt), 2F (small Felt core with American felt), 3W (medium Wood core with German felt), 4F (medium Felt core with German felt), 5W (soft ball-type mallet with German felt), 6F (large cartwheel - Felt core with German felt). They are listed from hard to soft and are the ideal set for a full range of sound on the timpani.

Promotion A:15% discount of our standard set of seven. 420.00 retail, normal 10% discount is 378.00. The new 15% discount brings the total price for the six pairs to 357.00 Total savings of 63.00. See contact information below for ordering.

Promotion B: Take 5.00 off any pair(s) of mallets from our standard set of seven.

MWL 55.00 (50.00)

1WA 55.00 (50.00)

2F 60.00 (55.00)

4F 60.00 (55.00)

5W 65.00 (60.00)

6F 65.00 (60.00)

This will enable those of you who have purchased mallets from us to complete your standard set of seven at a discounted rate. It also gives those of you who wish to purchase only one or a few pairs to receive a discount. See contact information below for ordering.

Amy and I wish you much joy and continued success as the academic year comes to a close. We hope that our mallets have enhanced your sound as a player and that you will continue to spread the good word about CPT.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about our mallets and percussion accessories.

California Percussion
David Herbert
Amy Stubbs
email - calpercussion@hotmail.com
2366 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116
Fax: 1-510-523-3786

Sales tax apply to California residents only. Standard shipping/handling charge of 12.00 per mallet order. Thank you for choosing CPT

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