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CRMAV.com announces Sample CD:
CRMAV.com Loops, Grooves and Samples part I

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First Volume Packed with Hot Loops, Grooves and Samples-

CRMAV.com has announced a new Sample CD volume called: CRMAV.com Loops, Grooves and Samples part I.

"While developing our new line of plugins and researching sound in general we had so much fun playing with sounds, effects and music that we had some great grooves going and came up with some amazing sounds and samples. Most of these are already based on future plugins and products that are not yet available"

The Loops and Grooves are aimed at the Dance & DJ Market. "The quality and creativity of this CD will set it apart from others. It's not just the sounds that make this CD groove, the sounds make you really want to experiment with your song and create music which you didn't think of before."

Some free samples and loops will be availabe on the website this summer. Part I will ship later this summer.

CRMAV.com announces Line of Creative VST Plugins
-New line of VST plugins promises creativity in music-

CRMAV.com will be adding a new line of creative VST plug-ins to the range of products and services for the Pro Audio Market.

"The plug-ins we create focus on creativity instead of the standard types of plug-ins." says Michael, Senior Developer DSP & Software. "I believe recording engineers already have many tools that have the high quality they need, with this new line of plug-ins we focused on developing plug-ins that enhance the musicality of the songs and help bring sound engineers, DJs and recording musicians new tools for their music. I believe that some of these devices will be very useful for creating sound effects for movie-sound and games."

The new line of plug-ins consists of filters, modulation devices and sound enhancers, including the:

- FX Modulation
- MOD-Filter
- MOD-shaper
- Spectral-Filter
- Morph-delay

A free public beta of some of the plug-ins will be available at CRMAV.com’s website in August.

The FX Modulation, which will be among the first available as a free public beta, has the ability to add resonance / effects to instruments resulting in extremely creative new sounds.

The new line of plugins will be available for PC only at first, although the most popular of the plugins can be expected on the Mac.

* VST is a trademark of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH

CRMAV.com to develop Extreme Reverb
-The next step in reverb and sound properties development-

CRMAV.com announced it is to develop Extreme Reverb, an extreme reverb which goes beyond any of the plug-ins currently available for the pro audio market.

Most plug-ins that are available today were built for slower machines like a 400 MHz PC or a 200 MHz Mac. Soon speeds of PCs will reach 2 GHz and plugins can be made to use all that power and create some of the most amazing sounds heard in music and movies.

"We just don't want to create another "high quality" reverb that sounds metallic. It has to sound real, be useful in music creation and simply has to blow you away when you hear or use it. It might take 1 GHz or maybe even 1.5 GHz, but we want to get it right. " says CRMAV.com's head research André Oosterkamp. "It's not just creating a reverb effect, there are so many aspects of the sound that need to be researched, the wall type reflections, materials, filtering and much more. Every step we take leads to more ideas for other plug-ins, new filters, resonance and stereo effects, and so much more..." .

Initially two reverbs will be developed, a music reverb and a real room / space simulation effect. While the music reverb will focus on creating clean reverbs and interesting atmospheres for music, the room / space simulation will be able to create a realistic sound for almost any space you can find in a movie or game, under water, a flooded sewer, the roof of the Empire State Building, your bathroom, a jungle or anything else a sound designer may need.

The end date of the first part of this project is November 15th. Plug-in formats, retail prices and further announcements will be made at this date.

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