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Harmonious Mayhem / Drumcircle CD

Yeah! Harmonious Mayhem....That's the name of the new CD by the Venice Beach Drumcircle. Its kicking ass cool and DJs in California are picking up on it already. We at Medicine Bow Gallery made the Venice Beach / Drumcircle video. We also did the CD Harmonious Mayhem.

Everytime you listen to Harmonious Mayhem / Absolutely Live you will hear something new. The extravagant rhythms of the Venice Beach Drumcircle have been captured so well that the CD seems to almost exude salt air and other sensations of the beach as well as the beautifully complex rhythms of the drummers. The 39-minutes of Harmonious Mayhem was mastered from the soundtrack of Medicine Bow Gallery's film Venice Beach. This is music that has never been written, but rather been created as its played, exploring rhythm, movement, spirituality and sensuality in outbursts of tribadelic thunder. With this CD in your collection you can always get lost at the beach.

If you want to check it out a bit go to our website at www.crazybeach.com and then go to the Drumcircle website at www.venicebeachdrumcircle.com . If you want to do interviews--contact us. If you want to buy videos or CDs wholesale--contact us. If you have any questions contact us. If you want to order single videos or CDs please order directly from the websites. Thanks.

Marc Madow
Medicine Bow Gallery
Lake Oswego, Oregon
(503) 703-0449

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