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In this issue of VH1 Save The Music News!

We Want Your Input! Provide Your Expertise And E-mail Us At VH1MusicStudio@VH1staff.com To Suggest Educational Links To Correspond With VH1’s Groundbreaking Series "Say It Loud! A Celebration Of Black Music In America!"

The Groundbreaking VH1 Documentary Series "Say It Loud!: A Celebration Of Black Music In America" Will Kick Off VH1 Music Studio’s 2001-2002 Cable In The Classroom Programming Lineup

The groundbreaking VH1 documentary series "Say It Loud!: A Celebration of Black Music in America" will kick off VH1 Music Studio’s 2001-2002 Cable in the Classroom programming lineup, "Music: A Reflection of the Times," beginning on Tuesday, October 9. "Music A Reflections Of The Times" a series of 14, commercial free, episodes and corresponding lesson plans, exploring how music both influenced and was effected by the social and historical events taking place at the time during which it was written, will be available free of charge for all educators.

"Say It Loud: A Celebration of Black Music In America" and accompanying lesson plans will chronicle the evolution of urban music’s most powerful and trend-setting genres through firsthand accounts from the artists who experienced and created the history, from its African roots all the way to the emergence of rap in the ‘90s.

An episode of "Say It Loud!: A Celebration of Black Music in America" will air each Tuesday of the month at 4:00 a.m. (ET/PT), from October 9 through October 30. Programs are designed to be taped and used by educators to enhance their curriculum. Educational lesson plans for the series have been developed by experts Quincy Jones; Dr. Willie Hill, President-Elect of MENC; Dr. Dee Spencer, Professor of Music, San Francisco State University, MENC: The National Association For Music Education and the Heuristix Interactive Learning Company. Lesson plans for "Say It Loud!: A Celebration of Black Music in America" will be available in mid September at www.vh1musicstudio.com and will explore:

- Music as a Means of Communication

-The Genres of Black Music

-Black Music as it Relates to the Historical/Political Climate During Which It Was Created

-Exploration of Careers Within the Music Industry

- The Artist as an Entrepreneur

- Music as a Tool to Break Down Barriers

- Musical Influences of Gospel Music

- The Role of the Spiritual during the Abolition of Slavery, the Black Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement

- Tolerance/Diversity

-Stereotypes -- Why Our Society Classifies People Into Stereotypes

- How Developments in the Civil Rights Movement Relate to the Image and Music That Is Accepted

-How Black Music Has Influenced Cultural Trends

In addition to the corresponding lesson plans, we will provide links to educational resource websites, which will provide teachers and students with additional information surrounding the topics covered in "Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music In America!" Please e-mail us at vh1musicstudio@vh1staff.com to share appropriate websites of which you may be aware.

Be sure to take advantage of this free, interactive programming, exploring music from the last five decades as you plan this year’s curriculum and e-mail us website link ideas!

The VH1 Save The Music initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in America's public schools by restoring and supporting music programs in cities across the country, and by raising public awareness about the importance of music participation for our Nation's youth.

Visit our Website at http://vh1.com/insidevh1/savethemus

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