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TreeWorks New Drum Set Chimes


TreeWorks Chimes announced the release of their Drum Set Chime today, model TRE35db. The new double row chime was designed specifically for drum set use where high volume previously made chimes seen but not heard.

"We’ve received a lot of calls from drummers who want ‘a really loud chime, that can be heard while the cymbals are ringing’. To make this instrument as useful as possible, we designed it with a space between the two rows of chimes. You can use it as a single row chime to play a down section, or as a double row if the band is playing full out," says Mitch McMichen, President of TreeWorks Chimes.

The 69 aluminum / titanium alloy bars are polished and tempered for vibrant tone. Each bar is hand-tied to the Black Walnut mantle with braided cord for strength. All instruments are handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee, with all raw materials coming from American vendors.

TreeWorks is the only company specializing in chimes for drummers and percussionists. The chimes are available through a network of 713 authorized dealers including national retail chains MARS and Sam Ash Music.

To the dealer TreeWorks are available from Harris Teller, Chesbro Music, Midco International, Universal Percussion, Big Bang Distribution and Dynamic Music Distributing. Foreign Sales: B&J Music Ltd. (Canada), Active Music (UK), Tom Tom Trading (Australia) and Sticks Musique (Switzerland).

Model Number: Tre35db
List price $210

Ordering Information:

TreeWorks Chimes
(877) 372-1601 toll-free
443 Chestnut Street
Nashville, TN 37203


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