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"Talent & Booking Online" Launches


(Palm Desert, CA) -- In what is being described as a virtual "full service online music industry encyclopedia of talent and services," Steve Tolin, President and CEO of Country Music Marketing, Inc. has announced the introduction of "Talent & Booking Online," launched November 1st on the worldwide web.

The new venture is a milestone in exhaustive research, updated daily, on every facet of the country music industry-from its live presentation resources to sponsors, talent, and executive contacts. The data base system is designed to be 'user friendly' with the goal of providing fast, reliable up-to-the-minute informational accuracy to industry professionals as a 'one stop destination' service on the internet.

Resource data bases are categorized into two Talent & Booking online editions.

The Talent Edition is designed especially to provide information directly related to the live performance aspects of country music. Informational banks within this edition include a complete listing of artists with a cross reference to every aspect of their representation: Personal managers, record labels, booking agencies, and PR firms are all included with key man and key point of contact subheaders. A list of the leading clubs and casinos booking country music entertainment is also included in the Talent Edition, along with booking contacts and summaries of artists that have performed at each venue.

The Sponsorship Edition offered online by Talent & Booking provides an accurate resource of corporate contacts and products with marketing viability of special interest to country music. It contains more than 500 listings of corporations, executives, and corporate profiles of advertising outlets of pertinent interest to the industry. A complete individual corporate profile of sponsorship/advertising history as related to the country music genre makes it an invaluable resource tool for anyone associated with the industry, and the 24 billion worldwide sponsorship market that currently exists.

Both volumes of Talent & Booking Online are being marketed as an online research tool to be used daily by professionals within music and related industries. They are available for an annual flat fee with no limitation on the amount of data searches or viewers used by the subscriber. Unlimited downloads of contact information are accessible from the site.

In making the announcement of the launch, Tolin who in the past 30 years has created and published such highly respected country music resource handbooks as "The Official Talent & Booking Directory," "The Official Country Music Directory," and "The Academy Of Country Music Program," for the annual ACM Awards, made special note of his company's move to the internet format.

"Our editorial staff has spent years in the "hardcover" resourcing of this information, so the move online is a natural progression in keeping pace with the marketplace. We can assure subscribers the most accurate, up-to-the-minute data available within the industry, and put it at their fingertips on the web with unparalleled speed of accessibility. If you're professionally involved with country music, we have every confidence our site will prove an invaluable resource tool for your business."

Subscription information and sign-up for Talent & Booking Online may be resourced at:

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