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Learn to Play the Drums for Under $30
with Drum-A-Long by Rhythmic Magic.

Practice Anywhere and Anytime with Unique, Drumset Practice Pad and Play-Along CD.


Frazier Park, Ca. (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE): Forget about expensive, upfront equipment costs or soundproofing rooms to muffle the noise of practicing. Now you can learn to play the drums quietly with Drum-A-Long, the first-of-its-kind Drumset Practice Pad.

Drum-A-Long is designed to help beginners of all ages learn the art of playing a real drumset. If you can count to four (says the manufacturer) you can learn to play the drums. The patented play-by-numbers system makes learning to play the drums quick and easy. Traditional drum notation is also fully explained.

Murray Houllif - Percussionist, Composer and Educator for 30 years... "A solid introductory approach to learning to play beats on the drumset without having a drumset. The student can think out, visualize, count and actually practice playing the various suggested grooves on the drumset practice pad which will result in successfully playing the various suggested grooves on a real drumset. The CD provides an instructive, clear, concise reference."

The Drum-A-Long Starter Kit sells for only $29.95 and comes with the Drumset Practice Pad, professional drumsticks, a poster for learning rhythm, and a play-along CD. The Drumset Practice Pad provides the look and feel of playing a real drumset which makes practicing fun. The Drumset Practice Pad is also great for serious studends as well as advanced players, and can be purchased separately.

The Drum-A-Long CD and Poster are unique teaching devices that contain a variety of great leaning tools. They explain (in a way that everyone can understand) the basic musical concepts needed to the play drums and to insure the development of proper technique. Included on the CD are six play-along songs using The Four Basic Rhythms (Quarter, Eighth, Triplet and Sixteenth). All rhythms can be heard separately.

Also available is a Snare Drum Enhancer, which fits over the top of most standard snare drums. It turns the snare drum into a full practice drumset, while muffling the drum for quieter practicing.


Emil Richards - World Renowned, L.A. Studio Percussionist... "Great Idea!"

Billy Amendola - Editorial Assistant, Modern Drummer Magazine... "My son, who has been playing since he's 2 has been using it. He loves it! (He's now 11) I think it's a cool, simple product, that is an easy introduction for kids."

For more information call:

Drum-A-Long by Rhythmic Magic P.O. Box 28, Frazier Park CA 93225

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