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Regal Tip's new "Taku" Percussion Stick


Yet another innovation resulting from the collaboration of Regal Tip and one of it's leading endorsers...Taku Hirano. Together the two have designed a multi-functional stick for both the drummer and percussionist alike.

For the percussionist: A multi-functional stick that offers the percussionist the durability of a medium / heavy-weight timbale stick with the balance and rebound of a conventional drumstick, the comfort and dependability of a rubber grip that can be doubly used in the place of mallets for suspended cymbal rolls, and a nylon-capped butt end with a steel rivet for various multi-percussion applications.

For the drummer: A surprisingly lightweight, yet "beefy" stick with excellent feel, control, and balance, plus the added benefit of an enhanced grip.

For more information on Regal Tip percussion products write: Calato Mfg., 4501 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY 14305

Or e-mail: geninfo@regaltip.com

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