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Puresound Snare Wires Now Available For Marching Snare Drums.


With the introduction of a full-range of top and bottom snare wires for most major manufacturer’s marching snare drums, snare wire specialist Puresound Percussion now offers marching snare drummers the sound and performance advantages as well as the consistency and worry-free maintenance of its pro-quality custom wires. According to Puresound president and founder, Yoav De Basc, Puresound marching wires are the result of consultation and extensive field-testing with leading drum corps and marching. In addition, Puresound’s marching wires incorporate 18-strands of premium-grade steel alloy wires with polished copper mounting hardware that fits most Dynasty, Ludwig, Pearl, Premier and Yamaha marching snare drums.

"Our Marching Series has been designed to more than just replace conventional wire and gut snares used for indoor and outdoor performance," comments De Basc. "You need clarity and stick response in both applications, but out on the field you need more power and projection while indoors, in a fieldhouse or gymnasium, you want more definition and control. By using specially formulated materials and manufacturing processes for the individual wires on specific models we have modified the snares to better meet the different needs of these different playing situations."

For more information, including a complete chart of available models, visit your local drum dealer or contact Puresound Percussion at 2050 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025, tel: 310-966-1176, fax: 310-473-4255, internet: www.puresoundpercussion.com, e-mail: info@puresoundpercussion.com.

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