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Puresound Introduces Newly Formulated
Snare Wires For Concert Snare Drums.


Puresound Percussion is proud to announce the immediate availability of two new models of custom snare wires developed specifically for use on concert and orchestral snare drums. Featuring Puresound’s trademark polished copper end clips, the new Concert Series wires are made from an exclusively formulated stainless steel alloy and incorporate an extended coil pattern to create a deeper, drier, darker tone with increased articulation. The new wires are available for 14-inch snare drums in a choice of 12-strand (C-1412) or 16-strand (C-1416) models and carry a suggested retail price of $39.95.

Puresound snare wires are available at leading drum shops throughout the world. For more information visit your local drum dealer or contact Puresound Percussion at 2050 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025, tel: 310-966-1176, fax: 310-473-4255, internet: www.puresoundpercussion.com, e-mail: info@puresoundpercussion.com.

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