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Notation Technologies
Play Music


I am very pleased to announce the release of Play Music, the easiest entry-level music notation software available. This product was previously introduced as “It’s Musictime” and has been changed to Play Music. As the former Director of Sales for GVOX, I realized the need in the market for a functional easy to use entry-level notation program and decided to start my own company named Notation Technologies. I originally planned on releasing the program at the Winter NAMM 2001 in Anaheim, Ca. where the product received a great response from all of the dealers. It has taken 8 month’s longer than I anticipated but I simply was not satisfied with the functionality of the program at that time and decided not to release the program until I was certain that the program would be as close to perfect as possible. The list price of Play Music is $49.95 US. Play Music is a 24 stave 8 voices per stave program and is currently a PC version with a targeted MAC release in 3-4 month’s. Play Music is the easiest Music Notation Software on the market and I will stand by this by offering an open return policy. I am committed to continually update the program unlike my competition in this category.

My best,

Fortunato Camporeale
Notation Technologies

Phone: 215 794 5886
Fax: 215 794 7115
Email: fortunato@notationtechnologies.com

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