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spaceRACK ARRAYS From Monolith Composite Corporation Now Available

Monolith SpaceRack


Monolith Composite Corporation, makers of advanced carbon-fibre drums and rack systems, is pleased to announce "spaceRACK ARRAYS" rack tubing kits.

As a lightweight alternative to heavy steel racks, Monolith’s proven rack systems offer slip resistant mounting surfaces and are extremely easy to transport and set up. SpaceRACK tubing, weighing less than 20 percent of standard steel tubes, allows percussionists to lighten their load considerably. No more back-breaking two-story trips!

Five pre-packaged tubing kits are available, each of which contain capped carbon-fibre tubing, and match standard single bar, ‘L’ shape (single and double bass) and ‘U’-shape (single and double bass) systems. spaceRACK tubing is compatible with all 1.5" rack systems.

spaceRACK ARRAYS can be purchased directly through Monolith Composite Corporation On-line at www.monolithdrums.com Monolith still continues to offer complete spaceRACK systems in standard configurations, as well as tubing in custom lengths. Visit their website for complete product information.

Contact: Monolith Composite Corporation, Carlisle, Ontario, L0R 1H0, Canada.

Phone: (905) 689-6173
Fax: (905) 689-3254
E-mail: sales@monolithdrums.com
Web: www.monolithdrums.com

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