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Improve Your Drum Sound with MRP EdgeWorks!


Hi Again!,

Ask yourself this:

Do you want to dramatically improve the sound of your existing drum set? Do you have an old (or new) drum set that doesn't sound as good as it once did? Want a great reason to use that vintage kit you have in your closet?

I'm happy to announce that I've created a real value for ALL drummers with MRP EdgeWorks. Log onto the new site www.mrpedgeworks.com and see how we can improve the sound of your drums by re-cutting the bearing edges on your present drums regardless of whatever drums you're playing.

MRP Custom Drums - The Worlds Leading Direct Custom Drum Company is the ONLY company in the world that can provide such a unique service for ALL drummers! Now you can enjoy the drum sound you've always dreamed of!

Check out MRP EdgeWorks in this month's New and Notable (pg 43) in Modern Drummer Magazine November 2001 Issue

The same edges that are painstakingly crafted onto every MRP Custom Drum can now be installed onto your drums! Breathe new lively sound into your drums that simply changing to new heads can not acheive.Snare drums have more projection and tone while Bass Drums and Tom-tom's are much more resonant and lively after having this service done compared to the cost of a new kit!

MRP EdgeWorks can dramatically improve the sound of your drums!

We've helped players who own Ayotte, Gretsch, DW (especially!), GMS, Ludwig, Sonor, Pearl and Tama to name a few.

I look forward to improving your drum sound,

Mark Ross
President-MRP Custom Drums/MRP EdgeWorks
(516)568-2820 phone
(516)825-4485 fax

MRP Custom Drums/MRP Edge Works
514 West Valley Stream Blvd.
Valley Stream, New York 11580-5127

P.S. forward this to another drummer who wants to improve their drum sound!

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