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Modern Drummer 2001 Readers Poll Results


In order to present the results of our Readers Poll, the votes were tabulated and the top five names in each category listed here. In the event of a tie, all names in that position were presented and appropriate subsequent positions were eliminated.

Hall Of Fame

2001: Dennis Chambers

2000: Dave Weckl

1999: Roy Haynes

1998: Ringo Starr

1997: Terry Bozzio

1996: Vinnie Colaiuta

1995: Elvin Jones

1994: Larrie Londin

1993: Jeff Porcaro

1992: Max Roach

1991: Art Blakey

1990: Bill Bruford

1989: Carl Palmer

1988: Joe Morello

1987: Billy Cobham

1986: Tony Williams

1985: Louie Bellson

1984: Steve Gadd

1983: Neil Peart

1982: Keith Moon

1981: John Bonham

1980: Buddy Rich

1979: Gene Krupa


Vinnie Colaiuta

2. Carter Beauford

3. Steve Smith

4. Kenny Aronoff

5. Dennis Chambers


Vinnie Colaiuta

2. Kenny Aronoff

3. Steve Gadd

4. JR Robinson

5. Russ Miller (tied) Dave Weckl

Mainstream Jazz

Peter Erskine

2. Elvin Jones

3. Jeff "Tain" Watts

4. Steve Smith

5. Bill Stewart

Contemporary Jazz

Dave Weckl

2. Dennis Chambers

3. Steve Smith

4. Peter Erskine

5. Will Kennedy

Big Band

Louie Bellson (tied) Ed Shaughnessy

2. Phil Collins

3. Marvin "Smitty" Smith

4. John Riley (tied) Max Weinberg

Up & Coming

Scott Phillips (Creed)

2. Stanton Moore (Galactic)

3. John Blackwell (Prince)

4. Travis Barker (Blink 182) (tied) Joey Jordison (Slipknot)


Carter Beauford

2. Manu Katche

3. Richie Hayward

4. Ricky Lawson

5. Larry Mullen Jr. (tied) Tyler Stewart


Jimmy Chamberlin

2. Chad Smith (tied) Lars Ulrich

3. Danny Carey

4. Matt Cameron


Mike Portnoy

2. Virgil Donati

3. Terry Bozzio

4. Jimmy Chamberlin

5. Rod Morgenstein



2. Ahmir Thompson (?uestlove)

3. David Garibaldi

4. Dennis Chambers

5. Sonny Emory (tied) Will Kennedy


Paul Leim

2. Eddie Bayers

3. J.D. Blair

4. Jack Gavin

5. Trey Gray


Giovanni Hidalgo

2. Alex Acuna

3. Luis Conte

4. Sheila E.(tied) Trilok Gurtu


Terry Bozzio

2. Mike Portnoy

3. Zoro

4. Dom Famularo (tied) Dave Weckl

Educational Book

Russ Miller: The Drum Set Crash Course

2. Richie "Gajate" Garcia: Play Congas Now

3. Dom Famularo (with Joe Bergamini): It's Your Move

4. Ignacio Berroa: Groovin In Clave (tied) Ron Spagnardi: Progressive Independence For The Modern Drummer

Educational Video

Russ Miller: The Drum Set Crash Course

2. Dave Weckl: A Natural Evolution

3. Carter Beauford/Victor Wooten: Making Music

4. Will Kennedy/Bob Gatzen: Be A Drum Head

5. Zoro: The Commandments Of R&B Drumming Vols. 1-3

Recorded Performance

Dave Weckl & The Dave Weckl Band: Transition

2. Jimmy Chamberlin (The Smashing Pumpkins): Machina: The Machines Of God

3. Vinnie Colaiuta & Karizma: Document (tied) Steve Gadd (Eric Clapton & B.B. King): Riding With The King (tied) Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic): SMPTe

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