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Laurel Tree Records Responds To America's Tragedy
With "Spirit" cd


Woodbine, IA (October 5, 2001) Laurel Tree Records, a music label whose entire focus is the production of instrumental music recordings designed for stress management and to enhance life quality, is proud to share their prayer for America in a special release of Spirit, available nationwide October 8th. "America is trying to heal right now from its horrific losses of September 11th, 2001," says Dana McElwain, the president and CEO of Laurel Tree Records. "Many are turning to music in search of reassurance and renewal. Spirit inspires listeners to give thanks, connect with others through acts of kindness, and renew our appreciation for the freedom we enjoy in the United States of America."

This new recording features God Bless America, and a special medley of America the Beautiful / Bridge Over Troubled Water, two tracks recorded live in New York City just days after the tragedy. Also included are Amazing Grace and You'll Never Walk Alone, tracks from Hope, a prior Laurel Tree inspirational release.

The recording has a personal story surrounding the attacks. Production of the Laurel Tree Records release, Vida Nueva (New Life), was all set and ready to go for September 12th, 2001. On Tuesday morning, September 11th, while making last-minute preparations, Laurel Tree musicians and co-founders Kenny Werner and Dave Schroeder received an urgent phone call directing them to the breaking news on television. The session was rescheduled due to the attack on America. On Friday, September 14th, maneuvering around President Bush's visit to 'ground zero,' National Guard troops, and a torrential rainstorm, Schroeder managed to ferry a carload of Brazilian musicians and their instruments across the George Washington Bridge to the New Jersey recording studio.

Although set to record an album of spirited Latin favorites, the musicians felt the energy of the wounded country and the rising up of the American spirit on what was literally "America's National Day of Prayer." Inspired by their overwhelming feelings, the musicians were moved to record "something patriotic."

"We had no intention of doing this recording," says Spirit co-producer and renowned jazz pianist Kenny Werner. The idea came from the drummer on the session, Duduka Da Fonseca, who suggested that God Bless America would make a beautiful bossa nova. Werner went on to say, "We played it. It felt so good, like salve to the soul, I think we did it in one take. We left the session feeling really, really good!"

Included in the special CD package is a Healing Activity, designed by Dr. Alicia Ann Clair, professor and director of Music Therapy at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. Dr. Clair serves as Research Associate and Consultant to Laurel Tree Records throughout the production of all of its instrumental music for therapy recordings. When used in conjunction with the music, this activity can be helpful with the healing process.

Spirit is available for a special price of $6.99 at 1,000 "natural" pharmacies, hospitals, health food stores, long-term care facilities, spas and gift shops nationwide. The company is also making available a limited supply of colorful posters commemorating the release. Ten percent of the net proceeds will be donated to the Disaster Relief Fund to provide food, shelter, clothing, and counseling to victims of the September 11th terrorist activities.

You can learn more about the making of this recording, listen to samples, and locate the Laurel Tree branch closest to you by visiting www.LaurelTreerecords.com

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