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KoSA 2001: WHAT IF?


By Dr. Jolán Kovács

The rhythms from around the world were felt, seen and heard all day and through the hot summer nights in Vermont's beautiful green mountains this past August at the sixth edition of the KoSA International Percussion Workshop. KoSA's Artistic Director, Aldo Mazza, welcomed close to 2000 drum enthusiasts who attended the nightly concerts featuring the renown KoSA faculty at the KoSA Music Festival and over 150 full-week participants came from all over the U.S & Canada, some traveling from as far as the U.K, Japan, Venezuela, and Spain, to get a taste first hand of what many KoSA alumni's describe as "The KoSA Experience" - an ultimate percussion adventure.

Intensive, hands-on classes were given each day by some of the most elite drummers and percussionists in the world. Participants had the opportunity to play with the rhythm section in residence, perform in concerts, participate in masterclasses, and perhaps best of all - just "hang" with the faculty. Besides following classes in their primary interest, all participants were encouraged to explore various tracks to maximize their KoSA "experience". This year's internationally acclaimed faculty included the likes of: Walfredo Reyes Jr., Ed Shaughnessy, Zoro, Richie Gajate-Garcia, Marco Minnemann, Johnny Rabb, Glen Velez, Aldo Mazza, Rick Van Horn, Dom Famularo, Marco Lienhard, Gordon Gotlieb, Mario DeCuitiis, Morris "Arnie" Lang, Memo Acevedo, Paul Picard, Adam Nussbaum, Beverly Johnston, Lou Robinson, Allan Molnar, Jeff Salisbury, and Repercussion.

On Saturday night, the event was brought to a rousing conclusion at the Faculty Concert. One after another, each faculty member thrilled audiences, building up to an exciting grand finale number where the entire faculty performed together. This memorable concert was recorded live for an upcoming CD release to be entitled: "What If…?.

Thanks to the invaluable support from the following great companies - LP, Evans, ProMark, Ludwig/Musser, Audix, Zildjian, Toca, Vic Firth, Marimba One, Gibralter, Sonor, Meinl, Mapex, Johnny Rabb Drumsticks, Remo, Tama, Mike Balter Mallets, Warner Brothers, Modern Drummer, HQ, Drummers' Collective, Pearl, DW, Shure, Cooperman, Mountain Rythym, Yamaha, Paiste, Regal Tip, and Sabian, plans are already underway for KoSA 2002. What if we could follow our passions and our dreams? What if young students could be motivated? What if experienced players could be refreshed, What if educators could be challenged and What if KoSA could rock the night?…

For information regarding the 2002 KoSA International Percussion Workshop or to order KoSA CD's write KoSA, c/o Aldo Mazza, PO Box 332, Hyde Park, VT 05655-0332, call (800) 541-8401, e-mail: kosa@istar.ca, or check out KoSA's Web site at www.kosamusic.com.

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