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Kon nichi wa, y'all!

Greetings from Kobushi, a taiko drumming group based in Dallas, Texas. We have been performing since 1994, and we have been been especially busy this year! We've just released our first CD, "Samurai Cheerleaders." (The title is a loose translation of our group's name; yes, we do like a touch of humor with our music!) The CD features Japanese pieces as well as several originals. In addition to traditional taiko sounds, our music incluudes gongs, wind chimes, African drumming, and improvised environmental sounds.

The CD is available for purchase on-line at our Web site, http://www.kobushi.com. Several of our songs are available as free downloads; both MP3 files and RealAudio streams are provided.

We have made some major upgrades to our Web site in recent weeks. Besides the music, we have added more pictures and text, including some history of the group and information on booking Kobushi performances. There is also a form where you can subscribe to our mailing list, to be notified of future performances, CD releases, etc.

So, please feel free to drop by our site, enjoy our music, or drop us a line! For more information, please email info@kobushi.com.

Dealers interesting in stocking our CD are welcome to inquire.

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