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Jazz Corner Announces The Jazz Cares Relief Fund
and Launches JazzCares.com


In response to the tragic events of September 11th and the aftermath, Jazz Corner has initiated the Jazz Cares Relief Fund and jazzcares.com. Jazz musicians, authors and record labels are donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of their merchandise to the Jazz Cares Relief Fund for any order placed between now and November 11, 2001. In addition, Jazz Corner will add another $2 for every order placed.

Several of the artists (especially those based in New York) who are offering their CDs, have had tours and performances cancelled or have asked to take reductions on fees. So this is an opportunity to contribute to two great causes - the artists themselves and the Relief Fund. There are more than 400 items for sale and the list grows daily, which is updated on jazzcares.com. All merchandise from the artists and authors is personally autographed and prices include shipping and handling. Artists will realize a minimum of $14 for every CD sold with a minimum of $4 donated to the September 11/United Way Fund.

Lois Gilbert who founded jazzcorner.com and started jazzcares.com says: "I am hoping that the Jazz Cares initiative will be an ongoing project that will help unify the Jazz community: provide the musicians with additional sales revenue and contribute to organizations in need. We are hoping that all the jazz sites on the Internet will proudly display the Jazz Cares banner and jazzcares.com will provide reciprocal links. There will be no profits made except, we hope, by the artists themselves and the cause we are contributing to."

A list of contributors who ordered merchandise along with the artists whose merchandise was ordered, will be posted on jazzcares.com as well as in Jazz Corner's Speakeasy (there is also an option on the order form to remain anonomyous). On November 11, one check with all the names attached will be sent to the September 11th/United Way Fund (september11.org), a joint effort between the United Way of America and The New York Community Trust, in the name of Jazz and our wonderful community.

Musicians and record labels and jazz sites who would like to have their merchandise and/or their website involved in the Jazz Cares Relief Fund should contact: jazzcares@jazzcares.com. There will be an area on jazzcares.com with links and banners to all sites participating, as well as Jazz Cares buttons and banners to utilize.

We know that Jazz has tremendous healing powers and that, collectively whether we create it or listen to it, we are strong and unified, and can make a difference!

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