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Habana Sax the First "Artist in Residency"


Associate Director Stephen Bailey traveled to Cuba last year to structure an exchange program in which the Delaware community would act as host to an "Artist in Residency" Program.

After two weeks of attending performances, rehearsals, and conducting interviews with potential participants in this first-time program, the group Habana Sax was chosen for a five-day residency for April 2001.

Representing the evolution and confluence of Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, Salsa, Latin jazz, and Brazilian rhythms, this talented quintet delivers an amazing array of tantalizing styles.

April 2001 will mark the first time any of the band members have been to the United States. The "Artist in Residency" program will consist of teaching and speaking initiatives throughout Wilmington in schools, arts organizations, and at The Grand Opera House. Habana Sax will conclude its residency with a full-length concert on the main stage at The Grand on April 8, 2001.

Anyone interested in having the group speak or perform for their school or organization should contact Stephen Bailey at The Grand. The project is also looking for volunteers to host and house individual members of Habana Sax during the week April 3-8, 2001.

For more information on enrollment, call Director of Music Christopher Gordon at (302) 658-7897.

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