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This year's DRUMMIE voting turned into a deluge as readers hit the web site and the magazine coupon to cast their opinions. The voting, which ended March 20, held a few surprises, including drummer of the year Travis Barker, who beat out superstars such as Mike Portnoy and Carter Beauford.

Drummer of the Year: Travis Barker

Runners Up: Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, John Otto

Jazz Drummer: Peter Erskine

Runners Up: Dave Weckl, Bill Stewart, Horacio Hernandez

Fusion Drummer: Dennis Chambers

Runners Up: Dave Weckl, Chad Wackerman, Virgil Donati

Funk Drummer: Chad Smith

Runners Up: Dennis Chambers, Ahmir Thompson, Dave Garibaldi

Mainstream Rock/Pop Drummer: Carter Beauford

Runners Up: Chad Smith, Josh Freese, Travis Barker

Alternative Rock Drummer: Matt Cameron

Runners Up: Chad Sexton, Taylor Hawkins, Josh Freese

Punk Drummer: Travis Barker

Runners Up: Tre Cool, Ron Welty, Adrian Young

Metal Drummer: Lars Ulrich

Runners Up: Mike Portnoy, Ginger Fish, Tommy Lee

Country Drummer: Eddie Bayer

Runners Up: Trey Gray, Paul Leim, JD Blair

R&B/Blues Drummer: Ahmir Khalib Thompson

Runners Up: John Blackwell, Chris Layton, Sam Bryant

Hip-Hop Drummer: Ahmir Khalib Thompson

Runners Up: Jojo Meyer, Terence Yokahashi, Andy Kravitz

Studio Drummer: Kenny Aronoff

Runners Up: Vinnie Colaiuta, Paul Leim, Josh Freese

Electronic Drummer: Bobby Hewitt

Runners Up: Tony Verderosa, Akira Jimbo, John Tempesta

Drum Clinician: Bobby Rock

Runners Up: Terry Bozzio, Kenny Aronoff, Virgil Donati

Percussion Awards

Percussionist of the Year: Glen Velez

Runners Up: Poncho Sanchez, Sheila E., Airto Moreira

Latin Percussionist: Giovanni Hidalgo

Runners Up: Tito Puente, Karl Perazzo, Poncho Sanchez

Jazz Percussionist: Airto Moreira

Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Alex Acuña, Don Alias

Rock Percusssionist: Vicki Randle

Runners Up: Jamey Haddad, Giovanni Hidalgo, Richie Gajate Garcia

Fusion Percussionist: Sheila E.

Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Airto Moreira, Mino Cinelu

Studio Percussionist: Luis Conte

Runners Up: Richie Gajate Garcia, Alex Acuña, Giovanni Hidalgo

Worldbeat Percussionist: Mamady Keita

Runners Up: Babatunde Olatunji, Airto Moreira, Nana Vasconcelos

Percussion Ensemble: Blue Man Group

Runners Up: Hands On’semble, Stomp, Pan Ramajay

Drum Corp: Cadets of Bergen County

Runners Up: Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils, Cavaliers of Rosemont Illinois

Drum Circle Facilitator: Jim Greiner

Runners Up: Arthur Hull, Ubaka Hill, Barry Bernstein

Percussion Clinician: Kalani

Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Dave Samuels, Valerie Naranjo

Drum Media

Drumming Album: Transition - Dave Weckl

Runners Up: Live at the Blue Note Will Calhoun Quartet, Everyday Dave Matthews Band, Enema of the State Blink 182

Percussion Album: Writes of Passage - Sheila E.

Runners Up: Tarantata Allesandra Belloni, Silence Les Tambours du Bronx, Audio Blue Man Group

Drumming Video: Under the Table & Drumming Box Set Carter Beauford

Runners Up: Liquid Drum Theater Mike Portnoy, A Work in Progress Neil Peart, At the Top Buddy Rich

Percussion Video: Rhythmes Traditionnels du Mandingue - Mamady Keita

Runners Up: History of Songo Jose Luis “Chanquito” Quintana, How to Udu Brian Melick, All About Congas Kalani

Drumming Method Book: Conversations in Clave Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez

Runners Up: Drummer’s Guide to Odd Meters Ed Roscetti, Rhythmic Perspectives Gavin Harrison, Power Grooves Dave Lombardo

Percussion Method Book: Drumming with the Mambo King Tito Puente with Jim Payne

Runners Up: A Master’s Approach to Timbales - Jose Luis “Changuito” Quintana, The Multiple-Percussion Book - Nick Petrella, Frame Drumming Peter Fagiola

Drum/Percussion Web Site: zildjian.com

Runners Up: congahead.com, pearlddrum.com, drumlink.com

Industry Awards

Drum Set: Tama Starclassic

Runners Up: DW Collectors Series, Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute, Orange County Drum & Percussion

Snare: Ludwig Millennium Snare

Runners Up: DW Collectors Series, Pearl Signature Series, Yamaha Signature Series

Cymbals: A Zildjian & Cie Vintage Cymbals

Runners Up: Paiste Dimensions, Sabian Manhattan Ride, Zildjian Z Custom

Heads: Evans Tri-Center Hand Drumming Heads

Runners Up: Remo PowerStroke 3 Renaissance heads, Aquarian Texture Coated heads, Remo Ambassador heads

Best Sticks: Vic Firth American Classic

Runners Up: Pro-Mark Carter Beauford model, Zildjian John Otto model, Ahead Laser model

Best Hardware: Pearl Eliminator Pedals

Runners Up: Axis Longboards, Mapex Janus System, DW 9000 Series

Percussion: LP Galaxy Giovanni Djembe

Runners Up: Cooperman frame drum, Fat Congas cajon, Remo Lynn Kleiner gathering drum

Best Accessory: GK Music Drumphones

Runners Up: Danmar J-Hoop, Diggit stick weights, Grip Peddler

Electronic Percussion: Roland Handsonic

Runners Up: Yamaha DTXreme, Roland V Drums, drumKAT

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