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DW’s Gong Bass Drum Developed In Conjuction
With DW Drum Artist Marco Minnemann
To Meet The Needs Of Progressive Players.

DW Drum Workshop drums


Developed in conjunction with DW Drum Artist Marco Minnemann, Drum Workshop’s new Gong Bass Drum incorporates several design innovations and mounting options to better meet the needs of today’s progressive players. Although gong bass drums have traditionally been used to extend the range of the floor toms, contemporary players such as Minnemann are using the drum as a hand-activated substitute for their regular bass drum when their feet are busy playing remote hi-hats and other sound effects. The DW gong bass drum, which is available in any of DW’s FinishPly, Satin Oil, Lacquer or Exotic finishes, is a 20" drum that features a Collector’s Series, over-sized, 10-ply, all-maple shell for increased projection with a 22" counterhoop and head plus a series of tension lugs with spacers that allow the drum to be evenly tensioned at a uniform 90o angle. DW’s gong bass drum carries a suggested retail price from $995.00 to $1853.00 depending on finish and comes equipped with two TB-12 brackets that can be used to mount the drum on 9000 Series floor stands. Floor-tom style legs and brackets are optional.

For more information, see your local Drum Workshop dealer or contact DW at 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, USA, tel: (805) 485-6999, fax: (805) 485-1334, internet: www.dwdrums.com

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