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Additions To DW and Pacific Drumwear Lines
Include New Shirts and License Plate Frames


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A redesigned ladies’ T-shirt, sky blue sport shirt and black "rubber" jacket along with DW license plate frames have just been added to Drum Workshop’s 2001/2002 DrumWear collection. The new black ladies’ Tee features a ribbed cotton shirt with a V-neck and fitted sleeves and body while the high-tech, medium-weight rubber jacket includes a premium zipper, pockets, velcro adjustable sleeves and a special rubber DW logo badge. DW’s premium-quality "King Louie" ribbed sport shirt is now available in a choice of cream or new sky blue. Also new are black metal license plate frames that bear DW’s logo, web address and "The Drummer’s Choice" slogan.

In addition, an exclusive, reversible "Chameleon" short-sleeve shirt has been added to the Pacific clothing line. The high-quality cotton shirt is designed with a solid black exterior and a bright green mesh interior that can be turned inside-out and worn either way.

Suggested retail prices for the new items are:

    DW Ladies’ T-Shirt - $29.00
    DW Rubber Jacket - $79.00
    DW Blue Sport Shirt - $49.00 ($54.00 XXL)
    DW License Plate Frame - $12.50
    Pacific Chameleon Reversible Shirt - $39.00

DW and Pacific DrumWear is available at authorized DW dealers and on-line at www.dwdrums.com. For complete information contact Drum Workshop, Inc. at 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, USA, tel: (805) 485-6999, fax: (805) 485-1334, internet:


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