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DW’s Collector’s Series Drums now available
with and without reinforcing hoops

DW Drum Workshop


Drum Workshop has announced that its all-maple, handcrafted Collector’s Series tom-toms and bass drums are now being offered with and without all-maple reinforcing hoops. Although the legendary line of drums has previously only been available with proportionate-ply, graduating reinforcement hoops, the recent success of the "straight" shell design of DW’s Workshop Series coupled with DW’s advanced, in-house shell-making abilities has lead to the addition of unreinforced shells as a Collector’s Series option.

According to a DW spokesperson, the tonal differences between the reinforced and unreinforced shells gives drummers a wider, more distinct choice of drum sounds. The classic, all-maple shell with reinforcement hoops at the top and bottom has a sharper attack, higher pitch and brighter timbre, while the newer, un-reinforced all-maple shell is noticeably darker and lower in pitch. Drummers may prefer one or the other shell styles depending on their personal taste and musical situation, but no matter which shell configuration is selected, all Collector’s Series drums are custom crafted, individually Timbre-Matched and feature DW’s guaranteed precision bearing edges, True-Pitch tuning system and a wide choice of finishes types and colors.

For further information, contact Drum Workshop, Inc. at 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, tel; 805-485-6999, fax: 805-485-1334, web: www.dwdrums.com

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