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Collective May Newsletter!
Gary Willis 'Artist in Residence' and more...


Hi Everyone.

Well, here comes the summer again....it's right around the corner.

Time to get back to your instrument and take a break from work to do what you love.

We got some great events coming up at the Collective including an 'Artist in Residence' with amazing bass player, 'Gary Willis' more details: http://www.thecoll.com/Event.html.

Also, we have a great lineup of master classes that have already started at the beginning of the Spring Semester. Whether you are a student or not, you are welcome.... come and enjoy.... more details: http://www.thecoll.com/Event.html

Check out the rest below, and have a great month....

Best wishes,
Anthony Citrinite

P.S. Horacio clinic and Garibaldi Artist in Residence both went great.....Press Releases will be posted on http://www.thecoll.com soon.

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'Artist In Residence'

--Gary Willis Clinic-Wed. May 16th

--Gary Willis Private Lessons -Thurs., May 17th

--Spring 2001 Master Classes - Tues., May 1st, 8th, 15th, & 22nd

For full details go to - http://www.thecoll.com/Event.html or email Anthony: anthony@collectiveproshop.com

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