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Joe Calato to be Honored

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Joe today at his home workshop


Regal Tip is very proud to announce that Joe Calato, inventor of the nylon tip drum stick and respected percussion innovator, has been informed that he will be inducted into the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame at the convention in Nashville this coming November. Joe is best known for the invention of the nylon tip drum stick and for setting the standards for drum brushes today. But Joe's innovations are much more extensive and include the development of the famous Regal Tip finish, unique specialty products such as the Splitstix, nylon capped timbale sticks, the world's most extensive line of drum brushes. He was awarded numerous percussion patents, including the design for the dual spread for brushes. Joe is also responsible for the development of machinery and automation to ensure consistency in production. At 80 years of age, Joe Calato continues to be creative and innovative, constantly introducing new ideas for products and for improving production.

The annual Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on Friday, November 16, 2001 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel. If you are interested in attending the banquet contact Adventure Travel at 850-353-5393. Or e-mail eddye@adv-travel.agencymail.com.

For those interested in attending the PAS convention...which I would highly recommend to any drummer...contact the PAS at 580-353-1456. Or e-mail percarts@pas.org.

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