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New Orleans 'Second Line' drumming


A Modern Approach To Second Line Drumming is one of the best method books introducing New Orleans drumming styles. It is going to be mentioned in an upcoming DRUM! Mag article. Since its reviews by Modern Drummer and Percussive Notes in 92' it has gained growing acceptance in the drumming community world wide. The 44 page book focuses on drumset and includes a demo tape of all exercises . 'Second Line', Mardi Gras Indian beats, Swing, and New Orleans Funk are the styles explored in a progressive study that will develop coordination and concept. The Meters and Dirty Dozen Brass Band are two groups that represent the styles this book is directed towards. There is no other book like this on the market. Suggested list is $16.95. Order today by e-mail c_lacinak@hotmail.com Your order will be mailed immediately. THANK YOU!

PS This book is currently used at Drummers Collective in New York City in their 10 week program. The book has been selling in Europe and Australia as well as the US.

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