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The Fudge is back!

Carmine Appice drummer


Vanilla Fudge - Biography

In 1967 the Vanilla Fudge first rocked the world with their unique sound. They have influenced a generation of musicians and created legions of loyal fans throughout the world.

The Vanilla Fudge has once again retraced their roots to reclaim their place among the classic rock brigade. Since their reorganization in February 1999 they have sparked a resurgence within themselves to continue. On tour, you can still hear their dynamic arrangements and original concept of psychedelic rock, which has paved the path for groups like Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Led Zeppelin who opened for them when they toured in the '60s.

Their imagery and loyalty to their sound continues to be performed with all the energy and vibrant complexity you might have seen when they first entered the music scene.

New addition Bill Pascali, joins the three original members- legendary musicians Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert and Vince Martell.

After Vanilla Fudge's fantastically successful run in the '60s, multi award-winning drummer, Carmine Appice went on to enjoy a stellar career in all walks of the music business - a writer, a teacher and a performer playing with some of the greatest names in rock music. He has enjoyed great success working with Jeff Beck and Tim Bogert in Beck, Bogert, and Appice as well as with Rod Stewart. A member of The Rod Stewart Band for several years, Carmine co-wrote Do You Think I'm Sexy, and Young Turks kicking off a very successful songwriting career.

Carmine led the high energy band King Kobra and over the years worked with artists ranging from Stanley Clarke to Ozzy Osbourne and from Ted Nugent to Pink Floyd.

As a kid, bassist Tim Bogert started out playing piano and then saxophone as a teen. With high school friends his first band The Chessmen backed the great doowop groups The Shirelles, The Crests, The Earls and The Doves. Subsequently, with the advent of surf music, which didn't have much sax, Tim picked up the electric bass. One of the founding members of Vanilla Fudge, Tim enjoyed their great success. Following their breakup in 1970, he and Carmine Appice went on to form Cactus with Jim McCarty of Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels and vocalist Rusty Day of Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes. This legendary rhythm section then went on to form the group with Jeff Beck. Ray Manzerek of The Doors described Beck, Bogart and Appice "one of the great power trios of all time."

Ultimately, Tim dissolved his partnership with Beck and next teamed up with Steve Perry for two years with their band, Pieces.

He then moved to Europe for over three years where he worked with Rod Stewart, Bo Diddley and Rick Derringer to name a few. For eighteen years, Tim was a member of the faculty of Musician's Institute. He was inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk in 1999.

Vince Martell's musical career began in 1963 after he was discharged from the Navy. He joined a band that played blues clubs in Miami and shrimp bars in Key West. When he realized that there was no future in Florida for him, he moved back to his native New York. Looking for work, he went down to the Musician's Hall. There he met Mark Stein and Tim Bogert, the founding members of The Pigeons who, along with Carmine Appice, would later become the Vanilla Fudge. They were looking for a guitarist and Vince fit the bill.

Vince co-wrote songs on two of The Fudge's albums and sang lead on one of their signature songs, Season of the Witch.

After the breakup of the band, Vince has continued to compose and perform new songs throughout the past 20 years. His solo album, Endless High was released in 1999. During this stretch of time he also went back to college where he obtained a degree in Education.

Vanilla Fudge, in 2001 is giving their audience a true piece of nostalgia performing their hits like Take Me For a Little While, Shotgun, People Get Ready, Season of the Witch, and their awakening rendition of You Keep Me Hangin On as well as exciting new material. They will continue to set the standards and refresh their concept on the main stream. The Fudge is back!


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