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Bobby Rock - New Video: The Zen of Drumming has arrived!


After 11 years and over 700 drumming exhibitions, Bobby makes an explosive return to the video arena with his new two-volume set, The Zen of Drumming. In this groundbreaking three-hour production, Bobby shares a lifetime's worth of drumming knowledge and inspiration as he bases the program on his innovative mind, body and soul approach to peak performance.

"We've got everything under the sun going on in this video," BR explains, referring to the vast amount of performance/instructional material in The Zen of Drumming (ZOD). "But it all works together well and is relative to the greater theme of the video."

The "greater theme" of the video has the Rock man covering an array of techniques, including ghost notes, Latin-influenced groove and soloing concepts, 4-way coordination exercises (where he demonstrates complete independence between the hands), rudimental applications, using a multi-pedal setup for grooves and solos, and more. Bobby even has four individual practice pad sections where he breaks down many of the video's more difficult passages even further.

At the same time, ZOD is densely packed with plenty of performance segments as it features BR playing three tracks from his "Out of Body" CD, five total drum solos (including one from Bobby's latest tour archive) and his clinic showstopper, "The Octopus," which is a 1-bar pattern that utilizes 22 different sound sources. And, of course, all of the playing segments take place behind Bobby's massive 21-piece, 9-pedal drum kit.

Other video highlights include: A healthy eating section where Bobby discusses and demonstrates some of his "superior health for musicians" eating concepts, segments on meditation and mentally preparing for a performance, and the many philosophical, "food for thought" sections throughout the tapes that tie in effectively with the video's unmistakable Zen theme.

This five-camera, multi-location production was co-produced by Rock and director/editor Robb Cloepfil for Cinema One Productions and is distributed by Warner Brothers. ZOD is set for a late-May retail release.

For more information, check out the official "Zen of Drumming" home page which includes reviews, a photo gallery and ordering info: http://www.bobbyrock.com/thezenofdrumming.html

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