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Bobby Rock - New CD: BR is Groovin' In Tongues


"Groovin' In Tongues" is now available, as well. This is a repackaged, remastered, re-release of Bobby's debut EP. It includes a never-before-released bonus track from the original 1993 sessions and features an all-star line-up with Brett Garsed and T. J. Helmerich on guitars, Carl "The Fox" Carter on bass and Big Ray Greene on vocals.

"Musically, it's definitely in that progressive, funk-rock kind of vein that Out of Body is in, but with the addition of really soulful and ballsy vocals on most of the tracks," Bobby explains. "Plus, along with the usual, incredibly funky pocket of "The Fox," you've got both Brett and T. J. wailing away on this stuff, so it's definitely something to hear. This was a smokin' band and I'm happy we were able to document it like this..."

The package also includes a retrospective overview on the making of Groovin', and "Just Visiting," a fascinating memoir detailing Bobby's experiences in Houston's violent Fifth Ward, which proved to be a catalyst for this debut solo effort. More info at: http://www.bobbyrock.com/merchinfo.html

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