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The Most Important Educational Function
with Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie

Three New Live Videos from the Legendary Drummer


The 'man with the golden groove', Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie pumps funk into everything he plays, and it feels real good. Now three new videos - 'The Most Important Educational Function: BERNARD 'PRETTY' PURDIE' Vols. 1, 2 & 3 - let you get close to the man whose drumming with such greats as Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Jeff Beck, James Brown, and many others has made him one of the most popular and influential drummers of all time. His 'Purdie Shuffle' is legendary, and his groove is so smooth that, hard as they might try, nobody makes the music move quite like Purdie. Nobody equals The Master.

Filmed live in Japan at a series of concerts, club dates and master classes, these videos also contain live Q&A segments where Purdie reveals his thoughts and the philosophy behind his playing and his success. These are no ordinary videos.

But then Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie is no ordinary drummer. Now you can experience him like never before.

Vol. 1

Kicking off with concert and club performances that include a funky James Brown medley comprising Sex Machine, It's A Man's World, and Cold Sweat before slipping into the bluesy Back in Love Again, Vol. 1 provides a close-up look at how Purdie's pulls, punches and 'ghost' notes on the snare drum adds up to a very fine and funky feel. Just watch that left hand stick dance on the snare! Purdie stirs it up before closing out by grooving behind the Body Percussion Kids, in an innovative display of rhythm in motion. A funky, feel good tape that highlights the talents of Purdie and his band of world class musicians. Funky, indeed!

Vol. 2

Onstage with his band, Purdie digs in latin-style. This is groovin' and coolin' stuff that is fun and funky. When he moves into a New Orleans groove in a master class setting, he lets the feel shuffle along all greasy and slippery before sliding into a solo around that groovy feel. And when it's 'Funky Time', Purdie lays it out before digging into another solo. Then you'll see his 12/8 in action and get a great demonstration of 'The Purdie Shuffle', that patented Purdie groove drummers drool over. Now you can see how it's done. the real thing up close. Finally Purdie teams up with a Kodo drummer for an innovative mix of funk groove and Oriental rhythm, before closing out by grooving with the Body Percussion Kids.

Vol. 3

Groovalation. a feel-good groove instrumental is a great revelation of Purdie's effect on the music. It swings! It makes you feel good! Hear what the band has to say about Purdie's approach to drumming before getting into 'The Purdie Shuffle'. Listen, and see how it happens. Get a close-up of Purdie's bass drum and hi-hat pedal action. it's all-important stuff that will benefit any drummer's playing. And Purdie reminds us all that his drumming includes a lot of cymbal work, so he reveals his setup and what his sound is all about. This final volume wraps up with Purdie laying down the groove as the Body Percussion Kids demonstrate rhythm in motion. More great playing. and a lot of inspiration for any drummer.

As reviewed by Wayne Blanchard, Sr. Marketing Manager, SABIAN Ltd.

Ordering information: www.bernardpurdie.com

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