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Ayotte Announces New ProMaple Finish

Ayotte drumkit


Ayotte Drums is pleased to announce a new lacquer finish for the ProMaple line of drums: Rainforest Green. "I feel that we have captured the spirit of the natural beauty of the west coast in this amazing finish," -- Randy Turner, sales manager/artist relations.

The ProMaple line is hand-made by the same drummer/craftsmen who create the acclaimed Ayotte Custom Drums. The result is a top-level professional series of drums that can be made more economically by limiting sizes and colors.

ProMaple Drums are made of all maple shells and are available in 22x16 and 20x16 bass drums, 08x08, 10x09, 12x10, 14x13 & 16x14 toms, and a 14x06 snare drum. WoodHoop upgrade kits are available.

The current lacquer finishes offered are: Rainforest Green, Cabernet, Slate, Maple & Walnut.

All Ayotte products are available by ordering via phone, fax, email or e-commerce directly from their web site, which is located at <http://www.ayottedrums.com>, or through select dealers in Canada.

Ayotte Drums are world-renowned for their superlative quality drums, in both SteelHoop and WoodHoop designations; "made by drummers for drummers"

Ayotte Drums 2060 Pine Street Vancouver BC Canada V6J 4P8
toll free: (877) 736-5111 phone: (604) 736-5411 fax: (604) 736-9411
email: ayotte@ayottedrums.com / www.ayottedrums.com

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