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Ayotte Announces New Artist

Craig Blundell


Ayotte Drums is pleased to announce the appointment of UK session player Craig Blundell to the Ayotte Artist list.

Craig has been playing drums for 24 years and that includes 5 years of rudimental training with the prestigious Royal Marines Band Service. As well as working with PJ Powers, and Reflektor, Craig has just recently recorded the new David Knopfler album, which will be followed up by a much anticipated tour in mid-October. Craig is about to go into the studio with "Liko", a fresh new hip hop and drum loop oriented R & B band, which he will be touring with during the summer.

Furthermore, Craig will be working with several other high profile artists for some European drum clinics this summer. The photo was taken during Craig's early May visit to the Ayotte factory, when he took delivery of his custom Copper Sparkle kit.

Ayotte Drums are world-renowned for their superlative quality, in both SteelHoop or WoodHoop; made for drummers by drummers.

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