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American Music Conference News Update


Welcome to the latest American Music Conference news update. Our goal is to inform you and your staff on the latest trends, research, education, and advocacy to help you in your music education activities. We will send additional updates from time to time. Please submit comments or questions to joel@amc-music.org. For more information please visit the AMC web site at amc-music.org.


-Boomer Rockers Make Front Page News in This Weekend's USA Today

-Mattel, Disney and AMC partner with Back to School Toy Line

-Latin Grammy PSAs Support Music Education

-Industry Initiative Takes Aim at Teacher Shortage

-Join AMC now!

Weekend Warriors Rock On

Be sure and check out this weekend's USA Today, where NAMM's highly successful Weekend Warriors program is highlighted in a cover story on baby boomers rediscovering their rock 'n roll roots. The article profiles doctors, dentists, lawyers and writers who are reliving their rock 'n roll fantasies by forming bands with other musical boomers and performing in local venues across the country. As weekend rocker Ken DeCell states in the article, "When we break into "Honky Tonk Woman" or "Ain't to Proud to Beg" everybody's eyes light up. All of this music is pure joy."

For more information on how to start a Weekend Warriors program near you, contact NAMM Market Development at 1-800-767-6266.

Toying with Music

AMC Partners with Disney and Mattel to Promote the Benefits of Making Music

When it comes to spreading the word to parents about the benefits of making music, the AMC has developed some very powerful allies: Disney and Mattel. Starting in August, 500,000 new toys (Mickey Makin' Music Drum Machine and Makin' Music Trumpet) will come with detailed brochures on how to "Teach your child as you share the joys of music." The brochures include information on research studies that show that a child's abstract reasoning skills are dramatically enhanced by their participation in music instruction. It also points outs that playing a musical instrument can strengthen hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and may hold the key to higher brain function all of which are music to a parent's ears.

AMC's message will be also be included in 3 million cross-sell booklets with Fisher Price and Disney in 2002. The booklets will include a glimpse of 2002 Mickey and Winnie the Pooh toys from Fisher-Price and will be included into ALL of Fisher Price's Winnie the Pooh and Mickey toys for that year.

Viva la Música!

New Spanish PSAs Supporting Music Education

This summer the first ever, Spanish language PSAs will be distributed to over 200 radio stations and 60 TV stations nationwide. Produced and sponsored by NAMM-International Music Products Association and the GRAMMY Foundation, the ads include such Latin superstars as Carlos Santana, Son by Four, Andy Garcia, KC Porter and Jon Secada touting the benefits of an education that includes music. Call NAMM Market Development today at 800-767-6266 to receive your free copy to use within your market.

NAMM, Selmer, Hal Leonard, MENC and Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Partner to Promote Music Education as a Career

NAMM: International Music Products Association, MENC: The National Association for Music Education, Selmer, Hal Leonard and Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser recently united to create a groundbreaking program: "Music Making Makes a Difference." The program seeks to encourage more people to choose and remain in careers as music educators.

Starting at the high school level, "Music Making Makes a Difference" promotes Tri-M, the high school student division of MENC, and encourages those students to consider music education as a career. It also emphasizes music advocacy to MENC's college music student association, CMENC, and seeks to motivate students to pursue music education careers after graduation. In addition, the program aims to retain and recruit existing music teachers nationwide and have them promote music education careers to their top students. It will also encourage teachers to use music advocacy materials like the Einstein kit in their own communities to help establish the importance of music education in school core curriculums.

The program kicks off this fall and will be incorporated into the MENC national convention, the two MENC-owned divisional conventions, and twenty state conventions per year for the next five years. Parent advocacy sessions and advocacy materials will also be incorporated into musical performances and concerts at schools across the country. Go to the AMC website for more information on this exciting partnership.

Join AMC today and help us continue to spread the good word about music making!

With one month left in our fiscal year, AMC needs your support to help continue to spread the good word about music making. As illustrated in these updates, AMC is a vital resource in shaping the way Americans feel about music making. Last year alone, the AMC's efforts netted almost 4 billion media impressions, changing public opinion. According to a recent Gallup Poll, more than nine in ten Americans believe music education should be a part of every student's day.

We've had great success, but we need to build on this momentum for music making among all ages. Please join AMC today and be part of this team that is helping create the next generation of music makers.

Call AMC at (760) 438-7237 or join online at www.amc-music.org!

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