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Varitone™ Variable Tone Snare Wire System Now Available From PureSound

Puresound Varitone Snare Wire

(from left to right) Puresound’s Heavy, Medium and Light Varitone™ snare wires


Puresound Percussion proudly introduces the new Varitone™ snare wire system for 14" custom and production snare drums. Specially formulated to provide drummers with a wider variety of snare wire choices, handcrafted Varitone snare wires are now available in Light, Medium and Heavy 16-strand models. "With the Varitone system drummers can easily change the sound and performance of their snare drums without having to change their snare drums," comments Puresound president and founder, Yoav DeBasc. "Drummers who want a lighter sound or more sensitivity can just put on the Light set of wires or, for a heavier tone with more spread, the Heavy set."

Varitone joins Puresound’s existing range of Custom, Equalizer and Vintage models and continues to expand the snare wire specialist’s commitment to providing drummers with the highest quality and widest selection possible. Varitone Light, Medium and Heavy wires are available individually ($39.95 each) or in a specially priced, introductory three-pack ($99.95).

See your local drum dealer for more information or contact Puresound Percussion at 2050 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025, tel: 310-966-1176, fax: 310-473-4255, e-mail: info@puresoundpercussion.com Dealer inquiries are invited.

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