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Pacific C-Series Drums

Pacific Drumkit


Pacific’s C-Series incorporates the warmth and clarity of an all-wood shell with a Maple interior and durable, covered exteriors with many of the L-Series’ sound-enhancements to achieve top-quality performance at an affordable price. Featuring the projection and sensitivity of a chrome-plated steel snare drum, C-Series kits include PDM suspension-style tom mounts, full-sustain floor tom legs and bass drum muffling pillow. The drums are also equipped with coated snare drum batter, coated/clear tom-tom and bass drum batter, clear tom-tom bottom and black/logo front bass drum heads.

The kits feature 800 Series double braced hi-hat, snare and cymbal stands as well as an SP500 Single Bass Drum pedal. Available eight and ten-inch add-on toms and AC991 Single Tom Clamps provide an easy, economical method for expanding the tonal range and versatility of the standard 5-piece C-Series kits.

For more information please contact Pacific Drums and Percussion, 101 Bernoulli Circle, Oxnard, CA 93030, USA. Tel: 805/485-6999, Fax: 805/485-1334, Web: www.pacificdrums.com

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