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MRP Drums Update



First, I just wanted to make sure you received your catalog. If not, email me back at mark@mrpdrums.com and I'll have one sent to you ASAP. If you did get your catalog, and you have any questions, email me as well.

Second, I'm incredibly happy with the response from the PASIC show. We had an enormous number of cats pass through and experience MRP first hand. The response was phenomenal! We had over 600 people play the drums and their feedback was nothing but positive. But then something happened, we were voted by the people at the show, that our 6 1/2" x 14" stainless snare drum was the Best Snare Drum of PASIC 2000. If that wasn't inspirational enough, and this is not designed to get anyone in trouble or name drop but some of the more known cats that took the throne behind the kits were Jim Chapin, Marco Minnemann, Freddy Gruber, Ignacio Berroa and Chris Monnier to honestly name just a few. In spite of the companies they are endorsed by it was very rewarding to hear their reaction and gave me more inspiration that the direction the company has always been moving in is getting better everyday. We're also becoming more popular everyday also. Can't wait for a repeat performance next year!

Check out the site www.mrpdrums.com in January as we'll be updating it with lots of new pictures and products and feel free to contact me anytime.

Have a great Holiday Season and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

My very Best Regards,

Mark Ross
President-MRP Drums
516-568-2820 phone
516-825-4485 fax

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