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MRP Drums Update



I thought I'd send you some good news and tell you what's been going on at MRP Drums lately.

Happily, the full color catalog is being printed right now and if you email me your address (mark@mrpdrums.com), I'll be happy to send you an advance copy before everyone else can get their copy. It shows all of our products that we currently offer.

I'm also extremely excited to be exhibiting at the PASIC show in Dallas, Texas - Nov. 16-19. I'll be near the entrance (Booth 514) looking forward to personally meeting everyone that comes to the show. Not only will we be showing our Performers & Masters Series Drumkits with two stunning new finishes, but I'm debuting MRP Custom Drum Racks that I'm certain will cause a lot of excitement. More innovation from MRP!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Ross
President - MRP Drums

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